Rules, Bowling

Nashville Sports Leagues
Bowling League Rules

1. A member arriving late may bowl provided that the first ball of the 3rd frame has not been rolled.

2. Teams can consist of up to 10 players on the roster. A legal lineup for the night will consist of 4 rostered members from the team roster playing in all 3 games. No substitute players will be allowed between each game in a night. No substitute players will be allowed to participate in the playoffs. 

3. The absentee score shall be the missing bowler’s average minus 10 pins. The missing player with most games bowled shall be used as the absent bowler.

4. A bowler's average shall be established at the completion of their 1st 3 games of league play.

5. Handicap shall be 100% of the difference between bowler's average and a base figure of 200. 

6. There will be 4 points per night. 1 point for each game and 1 point for total pins.

7. The league will not be sanctioned.

8. A game consists of ten frames; a match consists of 3 ten frame games. A season is 7 scheduled matches followed by single “game” elimination bracket style playoff. 
9.** Pre-bowling will be allowed 2 times per player per season. Teams are not permitted to pre-bowl for playoffs. Post bowling will only be allowed in week 1. 

10. When a no call/no show forfeit occurs: Team A (forfeits) then Team B will play a vacant team. Team B has to come within 40 pins of their team's average each game to win and 120 pins for overall total. If Team B loses to the vacant team, the points are not awarded to Team A. Subsequently, Team As averages are not impacted by the forfeits.

11. A team must have at least one rostered player show up to the alley or pre-bowl to avoid a forfeit. 

12. Returning bowlers will use their highest NSL average from the past two seasons and use this average for the first two weeks of league bowling (for handicapping purposes). New members will establish their average after 3 games bowled (1 week). All bowlers will then use their current average for weeks 3 thru 9. At no point in the season can your league average drop more than 15 pins from last seasons’ average (for handicapping purposes)

13. Any rule not covered above, USBC rules will apply.

14. Regular season playoffs will be played best 2 out of 3 over the course of two weeks. Quickie season playoffs will be played in one night, winning teams will advance to the next round in the bracket and losing teams will play the remainder of their three games. All brackets will consist of only three rounds. 

**Strike and Spare Wednesday League Policy:
Post bowling for week 1 must be complete by 5pm on the Monday after the first week of the season. 
Pre bowling must be completed at least one hour before the next weeks start time. 
All post/pre bowling MUST be scheduled in advance by calling the alley: (615) 889-4710